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this post by danielle laporte.

simply, it is this:




i love that: smart; to the point; wisdom!

happy weekend.

love, love, m


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stumbled on this pic that me thinks captures the current summery, holiday-y mood in the air… enjoy. love, love, m


from township.co.za

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procrastinationbefore dozing off last night, i remembered something that i have been meaning to do for over a week but somehow, every day i find a way to avoid making it happen! because i am constantly getting wiser (winks! winks! to Wisdom), i noticed what my terrible procrastination on this item might be telling me. And chances are, procrastination on anything could really be sending me some rather sweet and honest messages!

Wisdom 1: I don’t like whatever I need to do, it does not resonate with my innermost being and I honestly don’t want to do it! When we love doing something and it gets our juices flowing, its’ kinda hard to procrastinate on it; we really just want to make it happen.

So what to do if you don’t really like it at all? If you have a choice, immediately off-load it to someone who does love it. Truly, there will be someone who will love making it happen! See this article by Martha Beck (like!) who explains this principle about teaming up with people who are different so you meet and answer each other’s gaps/ work on each other’s strengths to wild success!

If you have no choice but to do it, which was the case for me, then sweetie, you will be shocked to find that when you actually just sit down and make it happen, it takes less time than you imagined. Allocate a specific time for it and make it happen! I was done in 15 minutes literally and it wasn’t even as difficult as I was fearing. Speaking of fear…

Wisdom 2: I am very afraid of a negative outcome; I am afraid of failing. Okay, that sounds like such a cop-out but honestly at times, when we want something so much, we end up freaking sabotaging the very thing we want just coz we’re too scared of it flopping. Could be applied to my situation – it was a little piece that needed to fit in a much larger picture that means the world to me; I really don’t want to fail at the larger picture. But self-sabotage is such a pain beloveds and it always leads to exactly what we fear! Shucks! When I thought of the end product that I truly, truly want, it got me moving – I realized by procrastinating on the little item, I would end up hurting the end and I wasn’t gonna drop the ball on that one.

Wisdom 3: I may need to get some more discipline in my life! Discipline is a beautiful thing. I especially love how they describe it on the Behance Network: “Discipline is a set of imposed expectations and boundaries that help you keep your energy and time focused on what is most important”. I love their reminder that discipline works “best when it is self-imposed and customized to one’s work style. However, the power of rationalization must not overpower one’s discipline. For this reason, the components of discipline must be articulated beforehand”. So beloveds, at times, it just indicates that I needs to put a bit more limits on myself; which means I really do have to sit and just make it happen! No matter what.

So what about you beloveds? What kinds of things do you tend to procrastinate on? What lessons might be learnt from those? Here’s  the thing, even the things that we do not like in ourselves, like procrastination or even addiction, do to tell us so much more about ourselves, if we allow them to. And knowing yourself deeply translates to a pretty powerful life!

Love, love, m

Procrastinating no more!


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eva mendes

eva mendes for PETA. great campaign.

LOVE 1: leopard print bag: there was a time beloveds, when human beings used to hunt and kill leopards for the simple purpose of making handbags with their fur?! i mean really. you can imagine them hunters, stalking these magnificent creatures  just so we could wear something highly fashionable. goodness! talk of envy gone wrong! “Oh. Such beautiful fur you have. I’m gonna take it and make a handbag!” yikes. i hope such things aren’t happening anymore, and if they are, may the wrath of PETA  find them!

niway, back in those days when pricey handbags were made of real leopard skin and bangles were made of real ivory (goodness gracious!), my mother, quite a fashionista in her time (still is actually) had a few choice pieces. and now, many years later, when we humans have mostly wised-up and/or have been forced to wise up, it’s not like Mum could just get rid of those stunning pieces… now could she? ;- )* and so i have this leopard handbag that i downright revere. it is so beautiful as to be overwhelming! and this Friday, gosh, i love it! actually, scrap that, its not love, it’s honour! i honour that bag! and in the same breath, i thank God for the discovery of faux fur. long live the magnificent creatures with whom we share this Earth! ;- )*

LOVE 2: The Sweet Number 7 – i love the number seven. and i hear, i’m not even the only one since it’s supposed to be the most popular number in the world! so the whole world kinda loves it and so do i, so much so that i seriously considered naming my child Seven but i think will smith and jada already did (right?) so i figured i’d stop. and honestly, there was this other name that her father and i both loved to death and that’s her sweet name now and it is perfect! and so with the love of that number sever, i did the next best thing – birthed her on the 7th! and this weekend, that 7th is coming up, and it is a celebration day for that girl that i am so honoured to parent. gratitude!

LOVE 3: Beyonce – i never used to take beyonce seriously; thought that she was “made by the media”. that was before i saw this documentary of her recent “I AM” tour and then beloveds, i was blown away. i realised that this woman is actually an artist and since then, i have been loving her work so much. i recently became the happy owner of that CD – “I AM”. and by the way beloveds, ALWAYS BUY ORIGINALS! and since i got it, Sweepea and i have been singing and dancing and jumping along to it and other times, i am floored by ballads like “Ave Maria”. i’m already looking forward to her album “4” to come to Kenya and in the meantime, i am enjoying the songs on youtube like this one i mentioned yesterday “The Best Thing I Never Had”. this friday beloveds, i leave you with this stunning song. i love the imagery; i love the story line; i effing want that lacy, sexy lingerie she’s wearing! ;- )*

have a sweet weekend beloveds. be inspired. know love. enjoy!

love, love, m

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betsey johnson

betsey johnson, fashion designer, famous for rocking the cartwalk

i went to a hotel that for some reason has always been slightly intimidating to my mind. but, i wanted to check out something in it and so i gathered myself up, checked my eyebrows and walked over. and beloveds, i had a great time there! i loved the vibe; i loved the atmosphere; the staff were super nice (= well trained and professional) and i felt right at home! that’s it: i felt at home. so, from that experience, 3 things you can remember beloveds when going into spaces that intimidate you.

  1. you’re brilliant and shining and radiant. and this brilliance has absolutely nothing to do with how you’re dressed ( i happened to be in one of my not-so-hot-feeling-days and i was dressed as i felt). it has everything to do with your essence; your deepest core. you are light! you are radiant! you do shine! (we are stardust, remember?) and that light shines out to the world. know!
  2. one-on-one connection is everything. look the doorman in the eye; smile; say hello. refuse the impulse to look-away or to look “straight-ahead” so as to avoid showing your discomfort. go ahead and connect. read name-tags and say names out loud and see how quickly you connect. ask questions. if you don’t know the place, ask for directions – people are happy to help. you’ll be surprised by how human everyone else is and how much they welcome that connection.
  3. if it’s a place that provides service, know that the others are there to serve you! you’re the customer/ you’re the client, you are actually the one who’s in control here. they need you; they want you; they are there for you.

with that, go rock any space beloveds. oh and yes, if you have an outfit that makes you feel even more shiny – then by all means wear it. but don’t let the outside be the determinant of your experience. remember – you shine! and that’s a fact.

and talking of rocking spaces, i had an absolutely fabulous time at an event yesterday. probably one of the best times i’ve had at an art exhibition ever!

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