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i’ve heard that the spaces in which we live are a reflection of who we are; that the state of our external spaces echo our internal space; clutter is not just clutter. by clearing the spaces in which we live we can affect what’s going on inside. i’m not sure it’s thaaaat deep but i do know that in my own experience, cleaning my room has led to a calmer feeling; removing clutter has left me feeling lighter; easier; more flowing.

“The spaces we inhabit and each thing within them hold our extended sense of self.”

alison shapiro

i am currently rather obsessed with the idea of re-designing my home. (at the same time, i am also in the process of redesigning and re-embodying my life :- )* one of the looks that i am absolutely loving is white spaces, like the inspiring pics below. enjoy.

and what about you beloveds, what’s your take on the relationship between internal and external space? your experience of the same?  what one thing can you do this week to make your external space more of what you want?

have an inspired week!

love,love, m

p.s: i like this article by gretchen rubin “is the design of your office making you happy? or driving you crazy?

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collaborations between the arts and any other sector, make me happy; as i have mentioned here and here  :- )* so, i am loving the new limited edition cans of Campbell’s Soup that draw inspiration from Andy Warhol’s famous work on the same. love!

happy, inspired week!

love, love, m

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i have been dreaming of creating fun, silly, whimsical, “childish” things and spaces. this image from chanel’s spring/summer 2013 show resonated with my sense of imagination and wonder and creation: models walk down a runway made of solar panels between thirteen full sized wind turbines. beautiful. whimsical. unreal. inspiring.

and then this interactive art installation “cloud” by artist caitlind brown also got me kabisa. stunning. awe-inspiring. fantastic.

what are you currently dreaming of? what’s inspiring you? what’s awakening the playfulness in you?

love, love, m

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many shades of yellow.

What’s your favourite colour beloved? I’m currently in love with YELLOW. Completely. I want to change my sitting room wall to yellow. I want to wear it – accessories and clothes that are organic-egg-yolk-yellow! Love.

Just the other day I was thinking about it and realised that my favourite colour has changed or changes over time. I wonder if this is the case for everyone – that our favourite colours change with our life; situations; experiences; place of being; age… Curious.

I once asked my daughter, Sweetpea, this question and got a response that was kinda like this… “Green… Pink… Purple… Blue… Red… Yellow…” on and on. Wasn’t sure if she doesn’t understand the word favourite or that she just loves them all! :- )* I figured she loves them all.

So beloved, what about you? What’s your current favourite colour?

Have a bright and sunshiny week, the colour of yellow :- )*

Love, love, m

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this is the story of how i ended up holding hands with another parent walking to my daughter’s class…

SweetPea and her friend were walking hand in hand and asked the mummies to hold hands too. what was i going to say? “adults don’t hold hands?! she’s not my friend? adults don’t do that?” yikes! and actually, i can’t remember the last time i held hands with someone, so it was a nice reminder that i dont do it often enough. so yes, we held hands to class!

what about you beloved, when’s the last time you held someone’s hand? just for the joy of it.

thursday recommendation: hold someone’s hand! :- )*

love, love, m

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ituen basi


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