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chipolopoloit was a fantastic game and the outcome was the stuff of perfection!

it was a “David and Goliath” scenario and i am so glad that “David” won.

i heard on the BBC this morning that many Zambians are walking to the airport to meet the Chipolopolo boys as they return home with the cup today. that visual is stunning.

my friend rightly said of the win “ gosh, such RESTORATION”. Yes, it really does feel like the stuff of healing, of renewing, of restoration after the loss of 1993, and that thought is amazing.

have a Chipolopolo-like week beloveds!

love, love, m

p.s: and speaking of that match, those were some of the most tense minutes i have had in this new year! gosh! do football fans have to undergo such tension everytime their teams are playing? intense!



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