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ituen basi


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from vlisco.com. stunning!

have a colourful, stunning, beautiful, creative weekend!

love, love, m

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I’ve been on a search for inspiration and trolling the web (excellent source) and fashion magazines (another great source), I stumbled across various stuff that got me. Here’s what i found…

Fashion often does it for me. So…  ONE – The blue on these Giuseppe Zanotti heels on the edge here…

TWO – I’ve always loved murals so this project RE:Construction is right up my inspiration alley. And I love when grants are given to meaningful public art projects! Nice. Read more about it here and here

THREE – Festivals and places that bring together creativity, the arts in fabulous fun ways. The Vogue Festival 2012 sounds fantastic – how i wish i could be there! Read about it here.

FOUR – All things African fabric incorporated into contemporary, super-smart, funky style. Bestow Elan who I stumbled on at Big Cartel does it right!

FIVE – Something about the arts and the kenyan artists who are doing it right…

what about you beloveds? what stuff’s inspiring you at the moment?

have an inspired, creative weekend!

love, love, m

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stumbled on this pic that me thinks captures the current summery, holiday-y mood in the air… enjoy. love, love, m


from township.co.za

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beloveds, here at SFL, friday’s coming early!  ;- )* i am loving the New African Woman magazine, issue 10, which i just got a copy off – prompted by my sister the wise doc who wants to check it out. then as i begin to thumb through it, i find that i am so thoroughly inspired by the stunning images; the colour; the super focus on african fashion; the arts and entertainment segment focusing on cool african women singers (fatoumata diawara; asa; ayo; sona jobarteh)… i find that i absolutely love it! i shall definitely buy the next issue to triple check that i am indeed onto a great african women-focused publication.

here, i share these images that grabbed me because of the colour; the super, natural look of the model (it’s official, i love the natural look! smart as can be. when make-up works as it should to bring out the inner shine! ;- )*

african inspiration

african inspiration

african inspiration

the cover of issue 10. buy yourself a copy, huh?

from the feature titled:” Afro dazzling the Camden Trend” in new african woman magazine, issue 10.

be inspired beloveds!

love, love, m

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beloveds, how words are just not coming today or yesterday. i write fragments and figments; phrases and part thoughts and sentences…

chichia london

gots to love a little dress worn boldly. image from chichialondon.com.

…wearing my little dress… lovely. love it.

…walking upstairs and wondering who i’ll end up meeting and then i run into an artist i have not seen forever! very “sliding doors” the movie. nice.

…got my picture taken by a fashion blogger. nice. i’ve always wondered who gets stopped and photographed by bloggers like the sartoralist and then it was me! nice. will update link once that’s up. if…

…i wanna do a photo and blogging project… hmm… now to find a photographer who’s game. both in kenya and netherlands…

…ran into a woman i admire quite alot. very random run-in as she was going to find a dress for a funky-fabulous event. she gets to “loan” them from top designers. hmm… nice meeting her again… and nice to offer my two-cents opinion on her dress…

… clearly, is fashion becoming a “thing”? shish. light and easy. light and easy.

love, love, m

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