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this friday, i am loving those who stand up for others as demonstrated this week by jodie foster in the kristen stewart situation. kristen stewart has recently been even more in the news, but this time, not for her acting career but for her getting caught in an affair with one of the directors of the latest film in which she is starring. there have been a lot of negative articles and comments about this especially since the director is married and much older plus the fact that she is one part of an adored holywood couple with her boyfriend.

because of all the negative press and attention, jodie foster who has worked with her, this week wrote an article in the huffington post speaking up for kristen, asking that the media stop the negative reporting and essentially leave her alone. i applaud her for this because in a world that is so quick to judge and point fingers and insult, we all need that one person who will stand up for us. kinda links back to the issue of “covering each others’ nakedness with love“. i am loving that she chose to take this stand.

along the same lines, this week, i’m also loving kindnessgirl.com – a site that encourages random acts of kindness. we could all do with more kindness, no?

finally, couldn’t the world use more love letters? moreloveletters.com

as the long weekend begins, may you receive and give kindness and love!

kristen in balenciaga ad

love, love, m


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