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The Answers We Already Have

Two Stories

Story 1: The other day, I went into a hardware store to get a new battery for my guitar tuner. (The other battery had worked for almost 7 years?! Fascinating!) At the counter, I asked the dude to show me the various types that they had. He pulls out only two options with a cost difference of about 200 shillings. I’ve always preferred one of the brands but nonetheless I have this conversation with the sales guy…

“Hmm… which of the two is more long lasting?”

“Eh… both are quite good actually”

“But isn’t brand X the better one?” (the one that i like and that is more costly than the other)

“Yes”, he says kinda hesitantly. “Mmm…. It is the better one”.

I buy the brand that I prefer.


Story 2:I took my sister shopping the other day and she was trying out some of the clothes, which is how I ended up hanging out in the hallway of dressing rooms. Out of one of them steps a young lady who asks me, “Do you think this dress is as cute as I think it is?”

I am caught by surprise and because I am being diplomatic, I respond, “Hmm… It’s hard for me to say because you’re wearing something else inside” (It’s true, she had a shirt or something underneath but also, I just didn’t sense that it was a good dress choice).

“I really like it”, she continues. “Especially this little bow and the shine…”

“Yes, I like that it has a bit of a shimmer-shine”, I agree.

She then pulls out the other ones that she had been trying on… I see one that looks really cool and potentially, much better.

“How about that one?” I point at it. “That one has potential…”

“Hmm… no. I didn’t like that one. I love this one”, she points to the one she has on.

That’s when I realise, she really didn’t want or need my opinion. She had made a choice already even before she spoke to me!


Just like me, when buying the battery, and now like my lady-friend-shopper… we both knew exactly what we wanted long before we sought a second opinion.

And beloved, so do you!

Love, love, m


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