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collaborations between the arts and any other sector, make me happy; as i have mentioned here and here  :- )* so, i am loving the new limited edition cans of Campbell’s Soup that draw inspiration from Andy Warhol’s famous work on the same. love!

happy, inspired week!

love, love, m


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ituen basi


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I’ve been on a search for inspiration and trolling the web (excellent source) and fashion magazines (another great source), I stumbled across various stuff that got me. Here’s what i found…

Fashion often does it for me. So…  ONE – The blue on these Giuseppe Zanotti heels on the edge here…

TWO – I’ve always loved murals so this project RE:Construction is right up my inspiration alley. And I love when grants are given to meaningful public art projects! Nice. Read more about it here and here

THREE – Festivals and places that bring together creativity, the arts in fabulous fun ways. The Vogue Festival 2012 sounds fantastic – how i wish i could be there! Read about it here.

FOUR – All things African fabric incorporated into contemporary, super-smart, funky style. Bestow Elan who I stumbled on at Big Cartel does it right!

FIVE – Something about the arts and the kenyan artists who are doing it right…

what about you beloveds? what stuff’s inspiring you at the moment?

have an inspired, creative weekend!

love, love, m

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after welcoming artists from brazil, india, ghana, kenya and a team from the netherlands yesterday, i am flooded with how powerful it is to see people of different cultures and colours working together. the 30 performing artists are working together to create one 35 minute piece that will be showcased in the netherlands next year at the world expo called floriade2012. this is for my work at the UCDNetwork.

one of the corporations that has done an amazing job in terms of celebrating diversity and colours in their ad campaigns and is one of my greatest inspirations in terms of advertising is the United Colours of Benetton. these images from their campaigns capture completely the joy of mixing colours and for me, i think also of cultures. with the mix of artists that i am hosting here in kenya – and they are all dancers so they do all look so wonderfully striking – these images express the power i feel here. enjoy!

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beloveds, it has been so long since i wrote and in that time so much stuff has happened. how about i return here with the list of those happenings?

One: Dr Wangari Maathai, nobel peace winner, died after a long battle with cancer. She surely and truly made her mark in the world and i am inspired. Watch this video to get some of that inspiration:

Two: Steve Jobs, founder of Apple and Pixar also died. I shared one of his lectures that really inspired me on SFL already. And how amazing that one person could be at the founder of such powerful companies with such popular products? Amazing. Giftedness. Purpose.

Three: I sang in church. Now this is a very big deal because I cannot quite remember the last time that I performed in public. It happened most “randomly” (but then again, in this situation, i really don’t believe in random) and then, just like that, i was singing, soloing infront of the church.

Four: My sweet daughter, Sweepea, graduated from her car-seat! Yes. The era of the car-seat is now over! Milestone. Wonderful. She is growing everyday.

Five: I had a meeting that left me questioning so much this system of grants and grantees. It has to be done with sensitivity and integrity and needs to be built on a mutually fulfilling relationship – where both parties are honoured and bring something very valuable to the table and where the person holding the money is not the one “in charge”.

Six: This thought begun to stir up inside me the birth of some potentially interesting dreams… Let them stir and shake and come forth!

Seven:  I became a Twitterer! Okay, that may have happened even before I went to Cape Verde but I just had to share it here. I am now on Twitter (@mutheumbondo). It’s a very new space but so far, so interesting. I love it for being able to stay connected with so much in the arts world. And then i realise there is definitely a gap in regards to information on the Arts in Africa.

Eight: And speaking of Arts in Africa – i want to be the home and source of that information!

Nine: I continue to realise everyday how much i have to be grateful for!

Ten: Organising a huge project at work that is stretching me very much. Yes to stretching! Yes to challenge!

And what about you beloveds, what’s been happening since we last connected? What’s Sweet? What’s Fresh? What’s full of Love? ;- )*

Love, love, m

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From Sweet Fresh Love – R.I.P Steve Jobs.

Beloveds, may this speech inspire you to dare to live your truest life.

love, love, m

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beloveds, i was going to write today until i came across this stunning manifesto and decided, it really has to be shared NOW! so here it is. poached from holstee.com. clearly, they are a brilliant lot. read and be inspired beloveds.


its called the holstee manifesto

love, love, m

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