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part 1:

the day danielle laporte announced that she was working on a book, i started waiting for it.

part 2:

it finally became available in bookstores all over America.

part 3:

my sister, the new yorker, is heading home for a visit a couple months after the launch of the book.  she asks” anything you want from this end?” my list is two things: one is danielle laporte’s book; the other is the backyardigans, a cartoon that my daughter absolutely loves but is unavailable here.

part 4:

she lands; she apologises. “so sorry, i didn’t bring your book”.

part 5:


part 6:

my life is going on. occasionally i stop and wonder how i’ll get the fire starter sessions.

and then…

my pal; accountability buddy; friend mentions, “my brother is coming home from the U.S”. “cool.” I say “have a wonderful visit with him.”

brother arrives and as we’re catching up on phone, she says.. “oh and guess what book i have? yeah.. i asked him to bring it and he did”. The Fire Starter Sessions which we have both been craving is here!

fast forward to tonight and the book is sitting by my bedside as i close it and turn in to sleep. i am loving every page and what perfect, perfect timing to arrive to me! it feels kinda unreal that finally, it is here – by my bedside. long time coming yet here it is.

best part beloveds:

The things and people you deeply desire are making their way to you… sometimes in a long, circuitous route and one day, you will find them, resting gentle; real; easy, by your bedside.


love, love, m


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I love prayer. Outside of my “scheduled” prayer times, I also pray at random moments throughout the day, when I feel the urge to. For me, prayer is being (consciously and actively) in the presence of God – it’s talking and listening to God. So I say things and I keep quiet too and listen. Khalil Gibran in The Prophet describes prayer as “an expansion of self into the living ether…” I understand that – because when I pray, I sense that I am much more than this body, this life that contains me… I know I am “uncontainable”. ;- )*

Danielle LaPorte shares the wisdom that she has gathered from her many visits to a Benedictan monastery and I quote her here:

“Prayer holds the first place in a monk’s day and nothing must be preferred to this activity.

Prayer involves coming into contact with divine life

and openness to the mystery of love which is written in our hearts”.

I want, I desire to pray more and more.

(Have I heard it said that your very life can be a prayer? Meaning…?)

As the week begins beloveds, I wish you prayer if your soul craves it. Prayer does shift things, open doors, inspire things, answer stuff, “move mountains”, bring rain… and the list goes on ;- )*

Love, love, m

P.S: beloveds, if I can pray for you or with you over anything, please let me know. My email:  tomutheu[at]yahoo.com

P.S2: If you pray, what is prayer for you? What has been your experience of it? I would love, love to hear!

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beloveds, i absolutely love the wisdom of danielle laporte and in this beautiful, creative, smart and stunning video she shares “a credo for making things happen”! she recommends watching it daily for continued inspiration and challenge. love it!

does it inspire you?

love, love, m

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Danielle LaPorte whose wisdom I cherish writes:

“Denying your personal pain won’t lessen other people’s suffering. Weighing your little woes and your emotional strife on a global scale doesn’t necessarily make you a more responsible citizen.

Feel your stuff fully. It may be petty, it could be soul-tragic. But if you honor it, you serve us all.”

And i love that and thought i’d share with you beloveds!

love, love, m

p.s: read her entire post here…

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danielle laporte who’s wisdom, insight and knowledge i absolutely treasure, has begun a weekly post on her new site titled: “burning question”. the idea is that she asks one question as a springboard for your own post or response if you’d like. this week’s is:

What’s One Dumb Thing You Used to Believe in?


I used to believe that if I was “good”, I would be rewarded by being granted a pain-free life; that my life would be charmed and flawless. (blame it also on the whole “father-christmas system – “if you are good, you get presents! if you are bad….”) Shock on me!

I have since learnt that life has pain in it – that’s just part of the deal. Suffering is a part of the mix, whether I am “good” or “bad”. (My understanding of good and bad has also radically been challenged and moved away from that childish, goodie-goody-two-shoes “follow all the rules” kind, to one that realises that goodness and so-called badness is complex and sometimes, bad is good). Bad things do happen to good people. Pain is.

But the other wonderful realisation that has come with this one is the knowledge that difficult situations also grow us tremendously and we have a choice in how we face them. There can be and often is growth and wisdom that comes out of our struggle and pain. And sometimes, all the events of life, both good and bad do actually add up to a pretty amazing experience!

love, love, m

beloved, what’s one dumb thing you used to believe in? danielle laporte used to believe in the whole concept of “the one”. on her site you’ll also get to see what other people have to say about this. share! love, m

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this post by danielle laporte.

simply, it is this:




i love that: smart; to the point; wisdom!

happy weekend.

love, love, m

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