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harambee starsSo I was at the stadium to see OUR Harambee Stars beat Togo whats-their-name at the match last week. And it was absolutely great being there, including that we won! (fist pump!) Here are 3 SFL love reasons to go watch a match at a stadium even if you are not a die-hard fan (especially if you are not a die-hard fan. Actually, half the crowd there felt like they came for the chanting and the noise-making rather than the match! I mean, for the entire 90 plus minutes, there was always a huge crowd of people making the rounds chanting and singing and dancing! They definitely did not see the game at all.)

Fantastic Company/ Community: Having the right company is wonderful! I went with my sweet cousin DM and we had a total ball. But by halfway through the game, you’d think we came with an entire gang of peeps; there’s such a fantastic community feel at the stadium – even the guys around us felt like pals.

Great Crowd x2: So we sat in front of a line of dudes who had just about the funniest, crudest jokes ever. Half the time their comments sounded like they were high on something: “Referee – keep your eyes on the ball not the (your) balls!” Regular call out! When two ladies who were wearing the lowest-necked tops possible passed by, the chant became “Duzo.. Tuzo.. Duzo.. Tuzo”! Note to fellow ladies: the stadium is probably not the venue to bring out your most provocative, skin-revealing outfits.

Fantastic Vibe:  In the same section where we sat, there happened to be a live band! As in, really, there was a band comprising of a trumpet, trombone, drums… and they sounded like they had practised together to be able to actually “perform” for the fans and we loved it. The dancing was fantastic!

So those are three reasons to go (– eh.. they do kinda boil down to one huh? The people). You will notice that I do not mention the football itself. It’s wonderful to watch live but seriously, you can mostly catch the matches on TV. So you go to the stadium for everything else that comes with being together with others, rooting for the same thing. And that makes for a pretty fantastic and powerful experience!

Love, love, m


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chipolopoloit was a fantastic game and the outcome was the stuff of perfection!

it was a “David and Goliath” scenario and i am so glad that “David” won.

i heard on the BBC this morning that many Zambians are walking to the airport to meet the Chipolopolo boys as they return home with the cup today. that visual is stunning.

my friend rightly said of the win “ gosh, such RESTORATION”. Yes, it really does feel like the stuff of healing, of renewing, of restoration after the loss of 1993, and that thought is amazing.

have a Chipolopolo-like week beloveds!

love, love, m

p.s: and speaking of that match, those were some of the most tense minutes i have had in this new year! gosh! do football fans have to undergo such tension everytime their teams are playing? intense!


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