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i have been dreaming of creating fun, silly, whimsical, “childish” things and spaces. this image from chanel’s spring/summer 2013 show resonated with my sense of imagination and wonder and creation: models walk down a runway made of solar panels between thirteen full sized wind turbines. beautiful. whimsical. unreal. inspiring.

and then this interactive art installation “cloud” by artist caitlind brown also got me kabisa. stunning. awe-inspiring. fantastic.

what are you currently dreaming of? what’s inspiring you? what’s awakening the playfulness in you?

love, love, m


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many shades of yellow.

What’s your favourite colour beloved? I’m currently in love with YELLOW. Completely. I want to change my sitting room wall to yellow. I want to wear it – accessories and clothes that are organic-egg-yolk-yellow! Love.

Just the other day I was thinking about it and realised that my favourite colour has changed or changes over time. I wonder if this is the case for everyone – that our favourite colours change with our life; situations; experiences; place of being; age… Curious.

I once asked my daughter, Sweetpea, this question and got a response that was kinda like this… “Green… Pink… Purple… Blue… Red… Yellow…” on and on. Wasn’t sure if she doesn’t understand the word favourite or that she just loves them all! :- )* I figured she loves them all.

So beloved, what about you? What’s your current favourite colour?

Have a bright and sunshiny week, the colour of yellow :- )*

Love, love, m

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Hilda by darren newman. meandmypen.com

(this post is so dedicated to my sweet friend, sheri, who sent a message asking me to blog. sweet! thank you sheri. here i am, writing.)

i am in a dreaming phase of my life and i am savoring the dreams. i am literally dreaming everywhere; both day and night. the night dreams are fascinating and i am trying to analyze them with a method developed by that writer/ life coach i like, martha beck, and so far, i am fascinated! the day dreams are inviting increased creativity in my life; increased comfort; increased movement towards the life i want.

i recently changed jobs and the new work that i have taken on is more like the work that i have dreamt of having. it allows me to set my own schedule; to work to clear timelines and workplans; to propose and develop a lot. and it allows me to also work with various cultures – something that i find fascinating. truly, the world is becoming so much a village – global village? maybe that’s a bit extreme but i am loving the fact that i now represent people from all over the world. it is interesting and exciting. it sure feels like the new way of the world. we are trailblazing. i love it!

that aside and back to the dreams. out of the day dreams, i have returned to designing again and today, i opened adobe illustrator  after what could easily be a two year break. and it feels so nice to be back on design software; playing with colours; mouse over the tool bar; with so many possibilities. it sure feels nice to be back again.

so, here i am; in this time of dreaming and discovery and i am thrilled. what about you beloveds? where are you at right now in your beautiful lives? what is being born in you? what is dreaming to be born? do share. i wish you creativity; re-discovering and joy.

love, love, m

p.s: and it is the birthday of my beloved soul sister, sharon browning who i mentioned here and here. how wonderful it is to have this absolute wonderful person celebrate yet another year with us. blessed, blessed me! blessed, blessed world! hapi birthday beloved sharon. love totally, m

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i’m dreaming of a giving sweetpea a room of her own and found some inspirations on the fabulous design*sponge. i’ve poached all images from there too! ;- )

from design*sponge

i love this room mostly because of the sweet book shelves – sweepea loves, loves reading. and i love the chair on the side as well coz its a perfect little space to read together.

from design*sponge

love the spacey feel of this one and the low bench on the side. would be an easy rest, play, reading area for sweetpea. the colourful paintings and pillows add a nice feel. no need for a baby cot – a simple bed with side barrier will do. the sweet pea is so grown! :- )

beginning to see a recurring theme here – the chair or sitting area on the side to allow for reading. loving this yellow designy-one. the patterns are lovely. on the other image, enjoying the colours that really work well against the white.

so, several basics to include in sweetpea’s room from these things that inspire:

  • a comfy chair or bench – preferably a pretty one.
  • light coloured walls – possibly white or a very light yellow. love the spacey feel that gives.
  • definately have paintings; posters and sweet wall  hangings on her wall
  • add colourful accessories as possible – colourful rug and toys and pillows
  • big girl bed that can transition into a normal bed for when she’s older. have a wooden side barrier that can be removed easily when ready.

so, there beloveds, a room of her own is in the making! what are you all working on in regards to the spaces in which you live? share. share.

love, love, m

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s1: conjures up images of a sweet smelling bouquet of flowers… fresh virgin cheese… sweet, sweet bananas; fresh remarks, spewing out of the mouth of some awkwardly sweet friend!

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vegetable yesterday, i got home with a mission to cook everything! there’s just something so healing…therapeutic about cooking. i’m not sure what it is – maybe it is the “goal and results oriented-ness” of it. maybe it is the ingredients and how yummy they all smell. (who hasn’t felt closer to the earth from touching a cucumber or green pepper?!) maybe it’s the possibility of mixing all these various things and making one beautiful thing. don’t know what exactly it is but there’s something about cooking.

and i’m not the only one who knows this. the movie julie and julia is entirely based on food. chocolate. like water for chocolate. maya angelou’s book the welcome table which merges her writing and stories with wholesome recipes. reality tv programmes based around food and cooking and becoming “king” or “queen” of it. cooking as art. cooking as the thing around which families gather. there’s something about cooking.

or the joy that i feel when i have especially my parents over and how it makes me want to set out a banquet! i insist to my sister, “we must have more than one meat option!” and how even in the bible God promises in that psalm that is currently my absolute favourite “i’ll set a banquet before you”. even God’s making us feasts! anyway, back to yesterday and cooking everything.

especially, i wanted to make cookies. chocolate chip ones to be specific. and no, it didn’t seem like an issue that i didn’t have chocolate, let alone chocolate chips in the house, i was just intent to bake them! it’s been years since i baked. there is one year when i baked almost everyday – not because i worked at a bakery – which i didn’t. it was my way of processing something i think. with each successful cake or experimental cookie, something healed inside. but that’s a story for another day! :- ) so i  kinda used to be quite the baker but  i couldn’t remember how that’s really done.

so using a trusty recipe i’d printed off of a foodie site i like (raising foodies), i set to baking. and all through, i am not at all sure what will come out – i don’t even know what texture i need to be going for! but still i mix and stir and add and bake. and i love it. i discover that one can build that coveted “upper body strength” from this stirring and stirring and stirring some more! then i get to kneading and pressing down. at this point, i realise that i am not even making cookies! don’t cookies get dropped onto the baking sheet? i adjust the outcome to biscuits. so now i’m making biscuits.

i get them in the oven, not sure how they’ll come out at all but my aim is that they be cooked – whatever they are. i’m peeping through the glass door of the oven, curious what’s happening in there. they rise abit. tick. that’s good. they begin to brown. that’s another good. they hold their shape kinda. that’s excellent. they smell so sweet. super excellent. long story short, they come out, brown and looking sweet and so sugary, i can see the sugar crumbs peeping out the top of each – kinda like i sprinkled sugar on them! already, i am worried for SweePea’s teeth!

i am so pleased and i’m still not done. i am cooking everything, remember? i cut up a piece of a rather big pumpkin and i put it on the stove to boil. i remove spinach from the fridge. in between all this, i make a grilled cheese and tomato sandwich for SweePea and her sitter. a healthy one with super red and sweet tomato, with kinda strong but good cheese. it all feels so healthy. then i experiment with sprinkling a touch of mint on it just to get more colour and that doesn’t work at all. take it from me: don’t put mint on a grilled cheese sandwich! :- ) makes it taste odd. but we eat. SweePea eats. her sitter KV eats. it’s okay.

at this point my energy is spent and i am hapi with my work. the cookies which are now biscuits taste uncannily like some biscuits i usually crave from a coffee shop where they serve them with cappucino. i’m so psyched that i’ve discovered how “they” do it. the pumpkin gets ready in that brilliant orange. the spinach is done with hints of red tomato hanging out inside. i’m so pleased. i take SweePea to take her bath.

there’s honestly something about cooking! what about you beloveds? do you cook? and if so, what does it do for you, other than feed a hungry tummy? do share!

love, love, m

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I cannot say a word. I cannot speak because that would be to spoil it. It’s like savouring a super decadent chocolate, made with only the finest ingredients: creamy; rich to high heaven, amazing. You hold it on your tongue to feel every bit of it, you savour it. I am savouring AVATAR.

It’s been a long, long time since I LOVED a movie; since I was overwhelmed with wonder just watching it. This is what it made me realise: IMAGINATION IS A POWERFUL, POWERFUL THING. And really, we can CREATE anything. (Is this what God meant when S/He called us co-creators?)

It is an amazing dream of a stunning other world that is just wonderful to behold.

Simply, I loved it. I didn’t watch it to the end, I had to leave, but all of me knew that I had seen all I needed to see in the 105 minutes I was there – the power of our imagination and creativity. Leaving, I thought to myself, I must bring artists here to see this or maybe all my work colleagues or a group of teenagers. Because it felt to me like such a stunning display of creativity, imagination and art. Watch it, not even for the story, just for the stunning scenery; the beautiful creature-people, that stunning world.

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