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I love prayer. Outside of my “scheduled” prayer times, I also pray at random moments throughout the day, when I feel the urge to. For me, prayer is being (consciously and actively) in the presence of God – it’s talking and listening to God. So I say things and I keep quiet too and listen. Khalil Gibran in The Prophet describes prayer as “an expansion of self into the living ether…” I understand that – because when I pray, I sense that I am much more than this body, this life that contains me… I know I am “uncontainable”. ;- )*

Danielle LaPorte shares the wisdom that she has gathered from her many visits to a Benedictan monastery and I quote her here:

“Prayer holds the first place in a monk’s day and nothing must be preferred to this activity.

Prayer involves coming into contact with divine life

and openness to the mystery of love which is written in our hearts”.

I want, I desire to pray more and more.

(Have I heard it said that your very life can be a prayer? Meaning…?)

As the week begins beloveds, I wish you prayer if your soul craves it. Prayer does shift things, open doors, inspire things, answer stuff, “move mountains”, bring rain… and the list goes on ;- )*

Love, love, m

P.S: beloveds, if I can pray for you or with you over anything, please let me know. My email:  tomutheu[at]yahoo.com

P.S2: If you pray, what is prayer for you? What has been your experience of it? I would love, love to hear!


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Beloveds, a few experiences and a blog post that i have loved in the past few weeks.

image by r.kimani

Experiencing other culture: I recently attended an event in Kajiado, which is mostly Maasai land, and enjoyed various aspects of it: Watching the interaction between the older and younger people was comforting – it left me with a sense that the younger generation is cared for and nurtured purposely. The dancing and the songs were fun and listening to the Maasai language and the pride that I sensed in most of the speakers was great. And of course, the beautiful beaded jewellery that is so completely synonymous with the Maasai was gorgeous to behold. One day, I might learn to adorn myself like that! And then, also, the wonderful company I had for the journey!

Good company; deep friendship: I recently reconnected with a long time friend and we’ve spent some time together since then and it’s really wonderful. Good company is great; Deep friendship is enriching, expanding, heart-growing!  Do nurture and treasure your friendships deeply – we are truly made for relationship.

This beautiful goodbye: Goodbyes are often associated with pain; with separation; with not so nice stuff, but this post from 1000 Awesome things, reminded me that there is a way to do goodbyes well and soulfully and completely. I want to learn to say goodbye, be it to people or things or experiences or even to life itself, with this grace, ease and gratitude. the post is titled: Looking Back, Smiling and Saying Thanks.

With that said, good bye! Have a loving, inspired weekend.

Love, love, m

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HAPPY NEW YEAR! may your 2012 be full and wonderful and growthful and fulfilling and surprising and beautiful. may many of your silent prayers and quiet, hopeful dreams  begin to be birthed into reality.

i plan to keep writing and to keep sharing Sweet Fresh Love!

love, love, m

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The other day, i ran into someone that i haven’t seen for a very long time. Meeting her again reminded me of who i used to be and just how far i have come. Back in the day when i used to interact with her, i was in such a chaotic part of my life – of course, being in the depth of it, i didn’t realise just how dark that time was. It is only now as i look back and the clouds have lifted that i notice how thick things were back then.

And so i am simply grateful – for growth and learning and Wisdom. For real friends who have been with me through those tough times and on to now; for family and for wise counsel and companionship that slowly shone a light into my life and lifted the fog. And for the re-connection with God and His undying and endless love that actually never left, although at times i had thought it did. Note: Love is always with us.

Notes on Friendship: Lessons Learnt from that long-ago time:

Some of the things i learnt from that time was actually about friendship – the real thing versus the other one. It is probably not a real friendship if:

  1. You are the only one who ever makes an effort to call; check in; contact; connect. If it is heavily one- way and you are the only one who seems to ever reach out, its not friendship. Real friendships have both people putting in the effort.
  2. You are the only one who ever shares your issues and situations; the other person just never seems to let you in on what’s going on in their life but seems happy to listen and advice you. In real friendship, sharing of lives happens. (Point to note: please notice when you are turning your friends into therapists. That can be very draining on friendship.)
  3. As a result of 2 above, you really do not know much or anything about their life beyond your friendship. Means that sharing is not happening.

As the weekend comes, wishing you real friendship and the knowledge that no matter how difficult things may seem at any point in your life, things do really get better; lives do really get transformed. Take it from me.

Happy weekend!

Love, love, m

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beloveds, its all in the title…! ;- )*

it is coming so very soon.

have an inspired start to the week!

love, love, m

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my life is being turned completely upside down.  everything that i thought i knew or thought i had is being challenged. actually, almost all of it is being taken away.

on sunday as i was going about the day, a thought that was as loud as a voice speaking said, “my life is being pruned”. that’s when stuff is cut off and discarded so that the “tree” can grow better. that’s what seems to be happening. and it is good.

yes, its also painful. loss hurts. ALWAYS. but at the same time, there is a tremendous sense of hope and renewal and promise.

at times i jot down random notes as i go through this. a couple to share:

  • of course the unknown is scary. shucks! its the unknown! but… go towards it anyway. it holds magic and promise i’m certain. (plus why hold onto a “known” that kinda sucks?)
  • God says: trust Me!

so, beloveds, as my world crumbles (seriously!:- ) thought i’d share and more so, i hope i’ll have a story to share once i am on the other side of this. just incase the same thing is happening in your life, take it from someone who’s in the thick of it, it is all working for your good! that’s what i’m believing. actually, i know that for sure. and one more pointer? you might wanna give it all to God.

love, love, m

p.s: i’d like to make a note here. if you feel like your life is crumbling too but there’s no sense of hopefulness or an underlying calm as it happens, its probably not renewal. it could be, a depression or it could just be that you are currently making unhealthy choices for yourself or something else entirely. the kind of crumbling that’s happening for me brings with it a surprising sense of internal calm. yes,  i am mourning a lot of loss but at the centre of it, i know that it is good.

i’d be a bit worried if you’re feeling beat-down and defeated – that might not be renewal (and i’ve been at that one too sweeties and it’s a whole different experience). that kind most likely needs you to go for help, professional help might be best. because i think more people are depressed than actually realise it, here’s an article  on it that i thought honoured the condition and gave it the honesty and kindness that it so often is not given by those standing outside of it.  love, love, m

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1.saturday begun with a bagel – cinnamon raisin is just about the best kind ever made.

2.cooking sweet meat: carrots; crunchy green pepper; onion; tomato; light on spice; light on soysauce; heavy on honey! yes!

3. pbs.org. playing games on pbs.org with sweepea. pbs.org has a kids section that’s absolutely fantastic. sweepea loves it. so do i. 

4.talking, sharing, chuckling with sister, the wise doc. random texts and convos with sweet friends.

5. being in church. after the sermon when pastor invites people who would like to be prayed for to go forward to the altar, many people walk over and kneel around the small “stage”.  in that moment i know that this is a big part of why we go to church – to be with others; to be supported and loved through our pain and struggle. i feel priviledged and humbled to be able to share with these ones in our transparent/open display of our need for support; grace and mercy.

6. buying sweepea her first slippers and playdoh! of course, immediately we buy the sandals, she discards her crocs and puts on her new slippers. “cute crab”. they really are very cute.  she loves the playdoh; so do i. 

7. being sweepea’s mum. i love her; i love being her mother.  i feel so thoroughly blessed. what a gift!

how was your weekend beloved? i wish you a wonderful week ahead.

love, love, m

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