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i’ve heard that the spaces in which we live are a reflection of who we are; that the state of our external spaces echo our internal space; clutter is not just clutter. by clearing the spaces in which we live we can affect what’s going on inside. i’m not sure it’s thaaaat deep but i do know that in my own experience, cleaning my room has led to a calmer feeling; removing clutter has left me feeling lighter; easier; more flowing.

“The spaces we inhabit and each thing within them hold our extended sense of self.”

alison shapiro

i am currently rather obsessed with the idea of re-designing my home. (at the same time, i am also in the process of redesigning and re-embodying my life :- )* one of the looks that i am absolutely loving is white spaces, like the inspiring pics below. enjoy.

and what about you beloveds, what’s your take on the relationship between internal and external space? your experience of the same?  what one thing can you do this week to make your external space more of what you want?

have an inspired week!

love,love, m

p.s: i like this article by gretchen rubin “is the design of your office making you happy? or driving you crazy?


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I’ve been dreaming of office spaces of late and making a simple list of what I’d like in an ideal working space.  It’s that business of “if we can envision it, we can make it happen”? ;- )* I really believe that the spaces in which we work (and play and live and pray and inhabit) do affect who we are, just as we affect how they are. So… here’s my working short list!

One: Let there be Light! Plenty of natural light supplied by plenty of windows and doors to the outside.

Two: A Door – a way to close off the space for moments of deep concentration; focused intensity. In this new world where “open plan” is the most popular office arrangement, I really still love having the ability to go into a room, close the door and get on with it. Even where there is an open plan set up, I think it is essential to have closed spaces that people can use as an alternative space for intensive focus sessions.

Three: Wall spaces for art work and inspiring stuff, preferably with soft board so that I can stick inspiring stuff on it. Think inspiration boards all over the place. I also love being able to see workplans and ideas spread out on a wall.

Four: A Coffee (Lounge) Book/Magazine Area. A section of the office where I can sit easy – not on the working chair or table – but elsewhere just to brainstorm; meet with peeps; drink coffee; flip through inspiring magazines; have a bookshelf of inspiring books.

Five: Good and dedicated work table. Nothing quite as wonderful as pulling in a chair at a work station and getting down to work! Nice.

Six: Amongst other creatives. There’s something really great about being amongst like minded creative folk! Good for encouragement, community, inspiration.

Seven: Hints of Global. With inspiring bits and pieces from around the world… Seat fabric from India… Coffee from Bolivia…. More fabric from Ghana… and on and on…

And you beloveds, if you could choose a work space that would be most conducive for the creation of your best work, what would your list look like?

Love, love, m

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joybeloveds, it’s a jam-packed inspiration post! we begin with laughter.

Inspiration One: this past weekend was full of it! i had a Saturday morning project progress meeting and we ended up laughing almost half the time! Really. There were of course many moments when we were frustrated by parts of the project but despite that, we had moments to literally roll on the floor laughing. Laughter beloveds is healing and i have begun to really believe that God is inside the spaces and places where there is abundant laughter. (and yes of course, God has made it a point to also be where tears flow – i love God for this!)

Laughter also has an amazing way of bonding people together sweetly. You never look at someone the same way if you’ve shared belly-aching; chest shaking; uncontrollable laughter! And at another meeting after that, (this time at my church) i found again that there was much shared laughter in that space too. (i thank God for a church that laughs together!) and i just felt all round blessed.

My wish for you: For this week, i wish you laughter. The real, uncontrollable kind that threatens to make you roll on the floor! So, what are those things that bring you this kind of joy? If it is a person, find her or him and spend some time. If it is a movie, please find it and watch. (“Dude Where’s My Car?” used to make me roll on the floor! Wharr?) Laugh beloved. It will heal and refresh you.

Inspiration Two: This image because i find stunning images and design from Africa truly inspiring!

heidi chisholm

package design by heidi chisholm who's work i heart!

My challenge for you: What images inspire and attract you? Find some and stick them somewhere near where you work for a sweet dose of inspiration throughout the week.

Inspiration Three: And then, this video by beyonce. I don’t know if men get this video or love it much but for this Monday, i send it out as inspiration. Because it is creative; it is fun; it is full of “girl-power”; the beats are strong and powerful; you can dance to it. And yes, more “gals” need to hear this song for moments when we need a “pep-talk”! ;- )*

My wish for you: For this week, i wish you inspiring music. Find the stuff that inspires your heart and have a listen. Better still, get up and dance!

Love, love, m

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