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I’m currently taking a course and in the last class, the coach asked that we refrain from reading any books besides the course texts for the 3 month duration of the course. I was completely floored by that request because I’m an avid reader; books are my thing; I read constantly; I love books; call me “Reader”! So you can imagine my resistance to this suggestion.

“This is sacrifice!” I said to her dazed. She reminded me that I didn’t have to do what she suggested but she is making the recommendation that if I do, I will be surprised by the “result”. The coach’s premise was that we often allow too many voices to speak into our lives when we actually would be better off listening deeply to ourselves and to God. This got me really thinking and wondering: how many people am I allowing to speak into my life every day, in the form of books, movies, programmes, friends and strangers?

What I have learnt this year is that indeed, I do have the wisdom to do my life and do it well. We are all equipped with the internal resources to live our best lives. To tap into what is readily available inside us though, we do have to take the time to be still and listen. For many of us, it’s a process of re-discovery; re-discovering that we are wise and whole and able. Doesn’t mean that there is no place for welcoming other people to speak into our lives. There is. We are wired and made for community; it is part of our human experience. What is called for though is a sense of discernment – choosing which voices to welcome and even then, being able to be still and weigh what is shared against our own internal wisdom and knowing.

So I am going to try my coach’s suggestion and “fast” from the constant companionship of books and see what happens. Already I am grateful for the prompting to begin questioning the influence of others in my life. I look forward to see what happens with more listening; less outside voices.

What about you beloveds? How many voices are you allowing to speak into your life? Could you use more internal listening and trusting yourself and your God? As the weekend begins, I wish you moments of stillness and the growing confidence that they bring, that you have all that you need to build your best, deepest, fullest life.

Happy weekend. Love, love, m


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i’ve been reading “eat pray love”. that book by elizabeth gilbert that i had resisted reading for over a year. the first time it came out, i just could not get myself to read it or even be interested in reading it. it had so much hype! shish! then, somehow, a few weeks ago, i started reading it and beloveds, i absolutely loved it! this whole week, one part of it has been hanging out in my mind and i am completely loving the thought.

the 4 brothers meditation

supposedly, from the earliest age, children in Bali are taught that they have 4 spirit brothers who are with them all through life. the brothers, she explains, inhibit the four virtues a person needs to live a good, happy life: intelligence; friendship; strength and poetry. (how wonderful is it that poetry is one of those? yeah for art! :- ) the brothers have names (too complex to start quoting here) and the child is invited to speak to her brothers whenever she needs them to just generally know she can hang out with them at every point. unlike the formality with which one speaks to God, the child is invited to speak freely and informally to her spirit brothers, exactly as she would, her closest friends.

i am loving this very much. and of late, i have been playing with the thought of these 4 brothers by my side and once in a while wondering, what do i want to tell them? at times it is as simple as “please watch out for me in this or that situation”. feels to me abit like the more christian idea of angels – angels walking with us at all times. interesting similarities in religions.

so beloveds, for this weekend, i wish you your 4 spirit brothers to hang out with you as you need. i wish you angels and good stuff and love and light!:- )

love, love, m

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