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this is the story of how i ended up holding hands with another parent walking to my daughter’s class…

SweetPea and her friend were walking hand in hand and asked the mummies to hold hands too. what was i going to say? “adults don’t hold hands?! she’s not my friend? adults don’t do that?” yikes! and actually, i can’t remember the last time i held hands with someone, so it was a nice reminder that i dont do it often enough. so yes, we held hands to class!

what about you beloved, when’s the last time you held someone’s hand? just for the joy of it.

thursday recommendation: hold someone’s hand! :- )*

love, love, m


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stumbled on this pic that me thinks captures the current summery, holiday-y mood in the air… enjoy. love, love, m


from township.co.za

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beloveds, how words are just not coming today or yesterday. i write fragments and figments; phrases and part thoughts and sentences…

chichia london

gots to love a little dress worn boldly. image from chichialondon.com.

…wearing my little dress… lovely. love it.

…walking upstairs and wondering who i’ll end up meeting and then i run into an artist i have not seen forever! very “sliding doors” the movie. nice.

…got my picture taken by a fashion blogger. nice. i’ve always wondered who gets stopped and photographed by bloggers like the sartoralist and then it was me! nice. will update link once that’s up. if…

…i wanna do a photo and blogging project… hmm… now to find a photographer who’s game. both in kenya and netherlands…

…ran into a woman i admire quite alot. very random run-in as she was going to find a dress for a funky-fabulous event. she gets to “loan” them from top designers. hmm… nice meeting her again… and nice to offer my two-cents opinion on her dress…

… clearly, is fashion becoming a “thing”? shish. light and easy. light and easy.

love, love, m

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i am so loving this hot pink and purple doughnuts.

yes, they are lip-gloss inspired!

a collaboration between krispy kreme and Glamour magazine UK.  love!



have a sexy weekend beloveds.

love, love, m

note: the brand new, funky-ass header is a detail of a painting “the girls” by kenyan artist michael soi whose work i like.. alot! find him on facebook to see more work.

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turning it into something sexy! nice. (obviously, this is a poached image)

it’s mango season in kenya. its absolutely fantastic. there’s sweet, succulent mangoes to be found just about everywhere. we went to my parents home over the weekend and got the chance to eat the mangoes they grow, ripe and fresh off the tree. its completely wonderful. as the week begins, i am celebrating things in season and mangoes, probably some of the sweetest fruits on our good earth!

this week, celebrate something. and if you’re in kenya, have a mango! ;- )

love, love, m

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*soundtrack for this post: alone by liquideep. i am listening to this song on repeat as i write.

*written with the sweet buzz of good wine! otherwise can be stated as: written under the influence! ;- )*

yesterday sitting in the kitchen with P. and his friend J. and P., i am surprised to find that i feel at home. but  i think, maybe this is the way that travel eventually makes one feel – at home in the world.

i went out shopping earlier in the evening with a very clear plan to get something specific for my daughter, Sweet Sweepea. and i got it! wanted to buy her a comforter for her big girl bed and i was actually helped to make the final choice, by a really interesting, flamboyant young dude at the shop and ended up choosing one with solid colourful circles on it which is reversible into stripes on the other side. the young dude who was helping me explained that i should get that one since Sweepea is at an age where she’ll have fun playing with the coloured circles. and actually, it’s true. i think she will have a ball with those colours. i like! and yeah for adding vibrance and colour and fun to her big-girl room! :- )*

but beloveds, i didn’t tell you about the brazilian boy! day before yesterday we went out to alexandra which is one of the rougher townships here. and we went with a brazilian crew who are here for exchange with south african counterparts – all young people. in alexandra, the plan was to meet and interact with another group of young dancers who were totally stunning. absolutely vibrant and beautiful and amazing! really wonderful stuff. well, then came the time for the brazilian group to show their dancing skills and that’s when the brazilian boy happened!

a music cd with brazilian hip music is playing.  the boy lifts his tshirt to show his waist – holds his tshirt up between his teeth and puts his hands above his head; and begins to twist his waist. each movement suggesting something intimate, something deep, something erotic – sexual. the teenage girls beside me begin to scream almost as though this is the only response that they can give to this boy who is doing stuff on stage. i am mesmerized and truly captivated. i do not scream because i am in such a professional capacity here plus the young girls beside me have already expressed it, but he inspires something sweet and erotic and naughty in me. i truly enjoy it!

that dance does pass and he moves into other moves and styles and invites the others to join him and he actually does a fantastic job of teaching dance moves to the rest of the group. but i am left with that nicely tingling feeling, remnants of the dance!

that same evening, i join P. and B. to attend a launch at the apartheid museum, of a new report on the lives of black lesbians in south africa. the launch itself is boring but the report/book that they are launching is completely important. i recommend you download the report here – The Country We Want To Live In.

yesterday, M. from work takes me out to lunch at gramadoelas,  the famous restaurant at the market theatre, run by a very cool couple with the absolute best food ever. oh! and they’ve hosted queens and princes and musicians and all! therefore, i dined where queens dine! ;- )* shish! the couple that runs it know M. quite well and it is nice to again, to be introduced. but beyond that, M. tells me abit more about her life and beloveds, i am inspired and amazed and challenged! i really must ask her if i can share parts of her story with you all. i’ll check.

my time here is really winding down and so far, so wonderful! ;- )*

love, love, m

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wilderbeest migration kenya

8th wonder of the world - kenya's wilderbeest migration

i was reading one of the articles that i shared with you on the post from yesterday, and i really loved it. it’s the one titled “the key to fulfillment” by david hochman, and it basically talks about awe. i’ve been flooded with awe often over the past few days and no wonder it resonated with my heart. “overwhelming, surprising, humbling, even a little terrifying – awe is what we feel when faced with something sublime, exceptional, or altogether beyond comprehension”. i’ve been feeling this so deeply while spending time with my daughter, Sweetpea.

well, the article shares some pretty amazing stuff about awe. that unlike  feelings of pleasure which allow us to focus more completely on ourselves, awe inspires us to focus on others. it gives us a sense that we are part of something larger than us. “it clears the way for altruism, generosity, and acts of kindness”. and the amazing thing is that, we can cultivate wonder in our lives in various ways. nature of course, and spending time in places of wilderness can inspire awe in us. even just hearing stories of people who have overcome great odds or “witnessing acts of great generosity or humanity”. these lead us towards awe which leads us towards others.

i feel deeply blessed to have an “awe-inspirer” right inside my own house! ;- ) i wake up with her, spend entire days with her, get to jump on the bed (which is one of our favourite activities nowadays ;- ), get to run to watch airplanes flying past (she loves them completely)… simply, i am often in complete awe.

driving to work today, i wanted to see with new eyes; eyes on the look-out for awe. the road on which i drive to and from work is a really beautiful road. it is lined with trees and wilderness on each side; it’s smooth and just keeps going and going. and as i drove today, i wanted to more deeply see it and appreciate it. this is my new thing beloveds, i am channeling awe that it may lead naturally towards being more present to others; being more present to life.

i wish you awe beloveds. deeply and completely.

love, love, m

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