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part 1:

the day danielle laporte announced that she was working on a book, i started waiting for it.

part 2:

it finally became available in bookstores all over America.

part 3:

my sister, the new yorker, is heading home for a visit a couple months after the launch of the book.  she asks” anything you want from this end?” my list is two things: one is danielle laporte’s book; the other is the backyardigans, a cartoon that my daughter absolutely loves but is unavailable here.

part 4:

she lands; she apologises. “so sorry, i didn’t bring your book”.

part 5:


part 6:

my life is going on. occasionally i stop and wonder how i’ll get the fire starter sessions.

and then…

my pal; accountability buddy; friend mentions, “my brother is coming home from the U.S”. “cool.” I say “have a wonderful visit with him.”

brother arrives and as we’re catching up on phone, she says.. “oh and guess what book i have? yeah.. i asked him to bring it and he did”. The Fire Starter Sessions which we have both been craving is here!

fast forward to tonight and the book is sitting by my bedside as i close it and turn in to sleep. i am loving every page and what perfect, perfect timing to arrive to me! it feels kinda unreal that finally, it is here – by my bedside. long time coming yet here it is.

best part beloveds:

The things and people you deeply desire are making their way to you… sometimes in a long, circuitous route and one day, you will find them, resting gentle; real; easy, by your bedside.


love, love, m


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