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Beloveds, a few experiences and a blog post that i have loved in the past few weeks.

image by r.kimani

Experiencing other culture: I recently attended an event in Kajiado, which is mostly Maasai land, and enjoyed various aspects of it: Watching the interaction between the older and younger people was comforting – it left me with a sense that the younger generation is cared for and nurtured purposely. The dancing and the songs were fun and listening to the Maasai language and the pride that I sensed in most of the speakers was great. And of course, the beautiful beaded jewellery that is so completely synonymous with the Maasai was gorgeous to behold. One day, I might learn to adorn myself like that! And then, also, the wonderful company I had for the journey!

Good company; deep friendship: I recently reconnected with a long time friend and we’ve spent some time together since then and it’s really wonderful. Good company is great; Deep friendship is enriching, expanding, heart-growing!  Do nurture and treasure your friendships deeply – we are truly made for relationship.

This beautiful goodbye: Goodbyes are often associated with pain; with separation; with not so nice stuff, but this post from 1000 Awesome things, reminded me that there is a way to do goodbyes well and soulfully and completely. I want to learn to say goodbye, be it to people or things or experiences or even to life itself, with this grace, ease and gratitude. the post is titled: Looking Back, Smiling and Saying Thanks.

With that said, good bye! Have a loving, inspired weekend.

Love, love, m


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