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i have been dreaming of creating fun, silly, whimsical, “childish” things and spaces. this image from chanel’s spring/summer 2013 show resonated with my sense of imagination and wonder and creation: models walk down a runway made of solar panels between thirteen full sized wind turbines. beautiful. whimsical. unreal. inspiring.

and then this interactive art installation “cloud” by artist caitlind brown also got me kabisa. stunning. awe-inspiring. fantastic.

what are you currently dreaming of? what’s inspiring you? what’s awakening the playfulness in you?

love, love, m


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many shades of yellow.

What’s your favourite colour beloved? I’m currently in love with YELLOW. Completely. I want to change my sitting room wall to yellow. I want to wear it – accessories and clothes that are organic-egg-yolk-yellow! Love.

Just the other day I was thinking about it and realised that my favourite colour has changed or changes over time. I wonder if this is the case for everyone – that our favourite colours change with our life; situations; experiences; place of being; age… Curious.

I once asked my daughter, Sweetpea, this question and got a response that was kinda like this… “Green… Pink… Purple… Blue… Red… Yellow…” on and on. Wasn’t sure if she doesn’t understand the word favourite or that she just loves them all! :- )* I figured she loves them all.

So beloved, what about you? What’s your current favourite colour?

Have a bright and sunshiny week, the colour of yellow :- )*

Love, love, m

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ituen basi


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Inspiration 1: Creative Collaborations: i love collaborations that bring seemingly unrelated sectors together towards a great cause and/or have a great story to tell. i stumbled on this one between the obama campaign and fashion designers : RUNWAY TO WIN: to raise funds towards the campaign, the designers have each made a special piece for sale. i love, love this project.

by beyonce and tina knowles

for further reading: here’s a link to a great article that looks at the support of the fashion industry for the obamas

inspiration 2: while we’re on the Obama’s…. Mrs O makes the list. It’s been a while since i checked out Mrs-O.com, the site dedicated to Michelle Obama’s fashion – what she wears almost every day. Then i did and seriously, very nice! Besides her beautiful clothes and great fashion choices, I am constantly inspired by how healthy and glowing she looks.

inspiration  3: Following your passion: I recently learnt that one of my favourite uncles has started taking flying classes. He turned sixty not too long ago and says he’s always wanted to fly so why not? The wise doc and I are both inspired by his choice.

Wishing you an inspired week!

Love, love, m

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Beloveds, a few experiences and a blog post that i have loved in the past few weeks.

image by r.kimani

Experiencing other culture: I recently attended an event in Kajiado, which is mostly Maasai land, and enjoyed various aspects of it: Watching the interaction between the older and younger people was comforting – it left me with a sense that the younger generation is cared for and nurtured purposely. The dancing and the songs were fun and listening to the Maasai language and the pride that I sensed in most of the speakers was great. And of course, the beautiful beaded jewellery that is so completely synonymous with the Maasai was gorgeous to behold. One day, I might learn to adorn myself like that! And then, also, the wonderful company I had for the journey!

Good company; deep friendship: I recently reconnected with a long time friend and we’ve spent some time together since then and it’s really wonderful. Good company is great; Deep friendship is enriching, expanding, heart-growing!  Do nurture and treasure your friendships deeply – we are truly made for relationship.

This beautiful goodbye: Goodbyes are often associated with pain; with separation; with not so nice stuff, but this post from 1000 Awesome things, reminded me that there is a way to do goodbyes well and soulfully and completely. I want to learn to say goodbye, be it to people or things or experiences or even to life itself, with this grace, ease and gratitude. the post is titled: Looking Back, Smiling and Saying Thanks.

With that said, good bye! Have a loving, inspired weekend.

Love, love, m

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from vlisco.com. stunning!

have a colourful, stunning, beautiful, creative weekend!

love, love, m

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random sweet experiences with my Sweepea (3 year old daughter)

Experience One:

I got home one day to find my Sweepea with a hugely swollen lip.

“What happened?” I ask her anxiously

“I was bitten by a bee” She informs.

“Goodness. How did that happen?”

“I was trying to catch it then it chased me and bit me”.

I put on my most “I am so sorry face” while inside I am laughing so hard! What? She was going to catch it then it chased her? What a turn of events!

Experience Two:

My Sweepea is walking around in the morning with saliva drooping from her mouth. She is already dressed for school and if she goes on like this, her clothes will have to be changed. Anxious, i ask her:

“Sweetie. What are you doing?”

“I am blowing bubbles”, she informs me as she continues to practice her bubble blowing. Clearly, she hasn’t got the concept yet but i am laughing too much to even ask her to stop. Let her pour saliva until one day, it will be an actual bubble!

Have a lovely day and weekend.

Love, love, m

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